Expressing your love at the very first sight is easy, however showing consistent love for an ongoing relationship and maintaining it for long-term is a challenging task.

We at Web Wooh ‘work hard and smart’ to keep our esteemed services with the clients, and not just leave them after an immediate project roll-over. Our dedicated team having expertise in managed services are available 24/7, just for you.

Maintenance of website has to go through numerous phases without compromising the quality. It is ensured that the contractual Key performance Indicators (KPIs) meet the client satisfaction, as part of Website Managed Services like:

  • Following up on site migration activities
  • Engaging more visitors
  • Enhancing the web traffic while maintaining performance
  • Timely optimization to enhance user experience
  • Reviewing dev code and optimization
  • Engaging technology requirements
  • Fixing bugs and errors
  • Ensuring quality-of-service through tier level testing
  • Optimizing relevant application
  • Professional copywriting, re-writing and web content generation
  • Product and business management
  • Latest plugin & add-on installation including updates
  • Announcements on offers and frequent news
  • Improving functionality
  • Regular site data backup
  • Traffic redirections when required